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12 Powers of Man

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The 12 Powers of Man is a positive blend of meditation music, inspirational songs and deliberate affirmations.

It is recorded with a wholly unique, musical tuning system that facilitates Chakra Balancing and deep healing. 

Blessed with unique psychic sensitivity, Marolyn Derby has composed beautiful music written specifically to stimulate, open and tune the 12 Powers of Mankind. Through this music, Marolyn focuses on reprogramming the erroneous tapes of the subconscious mind, without the use of subliminal messages.

Read on to learn how you can obtain your own tape and booklet that will lead you to Heaven on Earth!

Complete Woman Services

From Head to Soul
Total MakeoversMarolyn

Marolyn Derby is MS, CNW board certified
and has years of experience in helping you to look  and feel your very best.  

From meditation and spiritual counseling to exercise, diet, nutrition and style, Marolyn has the skills, experience and flair to support lifesyle transformation



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A Thief's Forgiveness


By Marolyn A. Derby
and Irving Eugene King

A "Thief’s Forgiveness” is a true story about a man who spent a good part of his life running from his erroneous perception of God, which resulted in living nearly eleven years within the confinement of prisons, one of which was the famous Leavenworth.  .  .

Marolyn volunteered to write this true-life story about Irving Eugene King in order to help him get a message out to others who think as he once did; that crime is cool and that it only takes a little ingenuity to get away with it.  .  .

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